Building A Shed

building a shed

Building Code

Pay attention to all building codes and be sure to adhere to any setback distances that are noted. Often, building a shed within 10 feet from the rear property line or within 15 feet from the side property line is prohibited. This is not a hard and fast rule, just a general observation. Please be sure to check with authorities before siting and beginning construction of your shed.


Be sure to build your shed in a convenient location. Some people choose to build their structure way off in the rear corner of their yard. Although this might seem like a great way to keep your landscape looking nice while maximizing your yard space, this can prove to be a big mistake. A shed is meant to be convenient and practical. If you must constantly travel long distances to access your storage shed, you will be more likely to leave items in other locations to minimize time and trips. Don’t make the mistake of building a storage shed in a remote location. Siting your shed close to the garage or near the house is often a good choice.


Take into account how different shed sizes and styles will blend into the landscape. Function is of the utmost importance but by considering shed plans of various sizes and designs, you will be more able to design a shed that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Never build your shed in a low lying area. Because of the amount of water that collects at the bottom of a hill, this is a poor location for building. Remember that over time, moisture can cause mold to develop. Be sure to build your shed in a spot with at least a moderate amount of sun exposure to ensure that it stays dry and molding or rotting is prevented. Prolonged exposure to moisture will cause wood to warp and rot. Over time, paint can bubble and fade, creating an eyesore.


Be sure not to construct your shed too close to nearby trees which could cause damage to the foundation. Also, be on the lookout for low hanging power lines or other obstacles that could make construction difficult or dangerous.


Consider using a shed ramp to make it easier to get large equipment such as tractors or mowers in and out of your storage shed. You may want to build a shed with double doors to make this even easier. Finally, invest in quality doors and locks to protect your valuable assets. You will be glad you did.


Plan ahead to maximize the amount of useful space in your shed. Consider adding shelving, hooks, peg boards and other efficiency-gaining space-savers to maximize the storage and workspace available to you.