Shed Doors

Types of Doors

If you are primarily concerned with convenience and ease of installation, a pre-hung door may be your best bet. For a custom look or personal touch, you can create your own door using 5/8 inch or thicker grooved plywood or O.S.B. Shed doors are often made of the same material as the shed siding for a uniform look.


When planning to build shed doors, it is important to decide up front what you plan store. Size your door to allow plenty of clearance for your largest items. If you plan to store riding lawn mowers or motorbikes or other very large items, consider constructing double doors in order to make access easier for these items. When accessing smaller items, one of these doors can remain closed.

Shed Doors


After measuring your largest storage items, plan the wall framing accordingly. The size of the door should be ½ inch less than the size of the opening. Double studs may be used on either side of the door to provide strength and stability. A double header comprised of 2×4 studs may be necessary depending on the wall height. After cutting the door to the required size, the next step is to add braces in order to provide needed stability. Typically, the braces will be slightly thicker than the door itself.

One common bracing design that provides strength and character is the Z brace design. Other variants include the double Z and X designs.  When creating Z braces, two of the three braces should be positioned horizontally (across the top and bottom) with another piece running on a diagonal from the corners to connect them to form a letter Z shape. Cut diagonal pieces carefully to form the connection and use galvanized screws to join the braces together. Ensure that the horizontal braces are square with the door edge and that the pieces are shorter than the door so that it will close properly. Use a high-quality door latch to finish it off. Once secured, be sure that the door moves freely. In general, a plumb door will open properly.


Use multiple coats of paint.  This will provide a nice, clean look while also providing much-needed protection from the elements.